Super Mario 64: you can now install it on an Android smartphone!


Super Mario 3D All-Stars has arrived and gives us access to the first three platform games in the series. That said, we take home Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. All in high definition on our Nintendo Switch. However, an element of the XDA Developers website has arranged for Super Mario 64 to run natively on Android smartphones. This without the need for any emulator, which guarantees greater compatibility and fewer problems.

Super Mario 64: you can now install it on an Android smartphone!

The user VDavid003 prepared a repository that contains a port of Super Mario 64 for Android using only the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) with OpenGL ES 2.0. That said, you can clone the repo to your PC, whether you’re running Windows or Linux, and prepare the build environment. Then you get the APK that can be easily uploaded to your Android device. It is like installing the application from any other store, outside the Google Play Store. But there is another interesting question. This process can also be done on your Android smartphone, without the need for a computer.

Super Mario 64 Android

However the XDA website explained how the whole process is done and you will see that it is really simple.

First install the Termux application through the Play Store. So it’s available here. Later, you will have to install the necessary dependencies within the Termux environment. Use the following command.

pkg install git wget make python getconf zip apksigner clang

Then clone the repository using git:

git clone

Then run the command

cd sm64-port-android

Copy the baserom of the game using Termux. Note that you must have the original game to do this.


To follow

cp /sdcard/path/to/your/baserom.z64 ./

Now write


With all this, just start the build with the command

make –jobs 4

However, you can increase the value of the jobs entry depending on the cores you can assign to this process.

If everything went well the APK should be found within

ls -al build/us_pc/

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