Superdigital, Banco Pan and BMG release negative cards


Attention, consumers! Banco Pan, Superdigital (fintech Santander) and Banco BMG released credit card options that do not consult the credit protection agencies SPC and Serasa. That is, the services allow requests by those with a dirty name

Offers are alternatives for those who are negative and find it difficult to get credit. They are also ideal for those who need more options to make payments or want to escape the high fees charged by the tool, such as interest and annuity.

It is worth mentioning that the right choice depends on your profile, so there is no better option. Understand a little about the three products, visit the companies’ websites for more information and make the one that is most suitable for what you need.

1 – BMG card for negative

Banco BMG offers payroll credit card with points program and annuity exemption and consultation with SPC and Serasa. The product is available to civil servants, retirees and INSS pensioners.

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With it, customers can make purchases in installments, on websites and physical stores, in Brazil and other countries. As it is a payroll loan, the payment of the invoice amount is deducted directly from the client’s payroll.

The banner is Mastercard. One of the advantages is that there is no minimum income required to apply for the card. Deadline for payment of purchases within 40 days. Check out other benefits below:

  • Credit life insurance: settles the outstanding balance in case of death or disability, permanent or total, by accident;
  • Low interest;
  • Digital account;
  • Additional card;
  • MasterCard Surprise Program: pay for a product or service and take the second one for free;
  • Withdrawals at 24 Hours ATMs;
  • Annuity-free;
  • Application to control expenses, balance and purchases;
  • Without consultation with SPC / Serasa.

How to make: if you are interested in the card, access the BMG page and fill out a form with all personal data, such as full name, e-mail, contact number, ID and address.

2 – Bank Pan Card for negative

Banco Pan, with the modality of payroll credit card, offers a product that is easy to approve for those with a dirty name. In addition to the annuity fee exemption, the institution also exempts service fees.

The card is intended to serve retirees, pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and public servants. One of its characteristics is that the invoice amount is automatically discounted from the benefit or salary received by the customer.


  • Limit up to 2x the client’s salary or benefit;
  • Interest rates up to 4x lower, when compared to conventional cards;
  • It allows cash withdrawals, through the 24-hour bank network, or credit of the amount requested in the account;
  • Available for negatives in SPC and Serasa;
  • No annual fee charge;
  • International Visa flag.

How to make: if you are interested, request the Banco Pan card at institution website. It is necessary to fill form with personal information. Then, Banco Pan analyzes your request and contacts you to communicate if it was approved or not. If so, the bank sends the product to your address and charges an issuing fee of R $ 15.

3 – Superdigital card, Santander fintech

Superdigital offers prepaid credit card one more 100% digital account. The card does not consult SPC and Serasa, so it is an option for those who have a dirty name and need credit to make payments.

The card allows the customer to make purchases in physical and online stores, subscribe to streaming services, such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, plus several others. All very practical by the application and with quality guarantee from Santander. The banner is Mastercard which allows international purchases.

One of the advantages of the Superdigital card for those who have difficulty controlling finances, is that because it is prepaid instead of the customer having to pay the invoice per month, he spends only on what he has planned, which prevents the generation of new debt and default.

How to make: to open an account at Superdigital, go to the company’s website and fill out a form with personal data.

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