SuperM fans echo revelation of Kai being a Neymar fan and wanting to go to the game in Brazil: ‘Super Mimos’


The K-pop Avengers, SuperM, arrived on Friday, 25, with the release of their first album, “Super One”, in addition to the video for “One (Monster Infinity)”, and also revealed a partnership with Marvel Studios, through the dissemination of images of its members as superheroes.

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Passion for football

However, there was another reason, especially for Brazilian fans, to extend the repercussion of news on social networks. In an exclusive interview with GLOBO and EXTRA, Kai revealed himself to be a soccer fan whose favorite players are Neymar and Alisson Becker. The 26-year-old idol, who is also a member of the EXO group, one of the greatest of the last generations of South Korean music, also said that he wants to watch a sport match when he is in Brazil.

– When I think of Brazil, I think of football. I love football and many of my favorite players are from Brazil … so much so that when I created my own Best 11 team, most were Brazilian players. To mention a few, my favorite players are Neymar, and Allisson Becker from Liverpool FC. I definitely want to watch a football game when I’m in Brazil – confessed Kai.

His civil name, Jongin, entered the most talked about subjects of Twitter Brasil, with SuperM fans and exol-s (EXO admirers) celebrating the affection shown by the artist to our country.

Check out the best reactions:

Highlight to carioca carnival in new music

One of the great highlights for Brazilian fans on the new album was an excerpt from the track “Line ‘Em Up”, in which they quote Rio de Janeiro and reveal they want to know the Rio carnival.

“Go to Rio Carnival (hands up) / Make fire for the festival”say the verses.

This Friday was, therefore, definitely remarkable in the SuperM fandom for Brazilians.


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