Supporter visits Neo Qumica Arena at Corinthians invitation and remembers outside Fiel in the stadiums


Last Friday, Corinthians published a special video made with one of its fans. THE youtuber Corinthians, Igor Cavalari, known as Igão, was invited to Neo Química Arena and highlighted the lack that Fiel does in the stands.

Corinthians fans have always been the most important, always placed in the foreground. The crowd never cared to have the greatest player, the crowd always encouraged any player to run until the last minute, give cart, so the fans are very important for Corinthians “, explained the fan.

Here it is as if I forgot everything, as if I loved everyone who is here by my side without even knowing the person. I hug a person I have never seen in my life, I celebrate with them. To receive a sincere hug from a person you have never seen in your life, that you do not know the history and do not know where it comes from, and Corinthians joins you to that person, it is very beautiful. I have already celebrated with a child, old man, father, woman, with everyone, of all ethnicities, races, on account of Corinthians “, recalled Igão.

THE youtuber he still remembered moments like the first time he was at the stadium. In a defeat by Timão to Goiás, in Pacaembu, it was the fans in the stands that made him fall in love with the club.

I fell in love with Corinthians because of the fans. The first game I saw, Corinthians lost to Goiás, at Pacaembu. The game was 4 to 1 and, with each goal, the crowd sang more. As it was the first time at the stadium, I wondered what was going on. That was wonderful, I fell in love for good “, he said.

Another memory was the first time Igor was at the Neo Química Arena, in 2014, with a goal scored by Peruvian Paolo Guerrero. The fan also explained that he considers 2020 as a non-existent season and that players should miss it as much as the fans with an empty stadium.

First time was Corinthians and Grêmio, in 2014, with a goal by Guerrero. I was in the upper east, I had just made my Faithful Supporter and, as it has to add a lot of points, the North is very busy and the South too, there ended up being left over to the East “, he said.

I miss you so much. The team and the club must also feel it, because Corinthians fans have always been very essential. On television there is still the narrator, the acoustics. At the stadium is another atmosphere. It even looks like training. Not disparaging the players, not saying it’s unwillingness, it’s because you hear the other players, hear the touch of the ball, hear the coach scream. You hear everything. For me, this year seems to be null, it seems that nothing happened “, added Igão.

Corinthians has not received its support at Neo Química Arena since February, when it was still playing in the Paulista Championship. The last match before the stoppage, against Ituano, could no longer receive Fiel.

Now, with the authorization of the city of Rio de Janeiro for the teams to receive 30% of the fans, the board wants all teams to have the same release. The Corinthians president even said that the team will not enter the field if only Cariocas are favored.

Check video published by Corinthians

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