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– For me, it has been important to see representation in the love between women. Thus, it was natural that the person I was to include in a love story was also a woman, says Sval Rosenløw Eeg (21) to VG.

On Friday, she releases the song “Where Do We Go”, where her boyfriend Rebekka Milde (25) is in the video.

– I want to show the relationships I myself thought were so important when I was young. That being in a relationship with a woman is a natural part of someone’s story.

– Love has been difficult

The song is about finding love for the first time, and what it is like to find yourself at the same time as you find love.

– It made a lot of sense that I should bring someone who I am comfortable with and have known for a long time, and therefore it was Rebekka. I wanted to tell a story that represents my life, together with my boyfriend.

Photo: Screenshot Instagram / @ swallow

– For me, love has been very difficult at times. Just a few years ago, I thought it was something I was not going to have in my life. In many ways, the song is about falling for someone without the best conditions, says the artist.

Had to cancel tour

In May last year, Sval shared a photo of his girlfriend on Instagram for the first time. When she released the song “(I Can’t Be Your) Medicine” this summer, she told VG that love blossomed both before and during the corona period.

The 21-year-old was in the middle of a tour with Swedish Veronica Maggio when Norway was crowned corona.

– I’m really looking forward to touring again when the world allows it. Right now I’m in the studio with some super good producers, so there’s definitely more music to come. Then we will see when there will be an album, says Sval.

In the video below you can see Sval playing «Something» under the VG list in Trondheim in 2018.


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