TAAG no longer accepts kwanzas to pay for trips outside Angola


Em declarations to the agency Lusa, the director of the Institutional Communication and Press Office of TAAG, Carlos Vicente, explained that the change is aimed at objective to meet the difficulties of acquiring foreign currency for its operations abroad.

“The operating expenses of TAAG abroad they are paid in the local currency. As previously those who started traveling abroad could make the payment in Angola, this made us no longer have money to pay our operating expenses abroad “, he said.

According to Carlos Vicente, in view of the previous situation, the Angolan airline was “tied to camerasmbios“to be able to acquire foreign currency.

“Hence this decision-making,” he said, stressing that the measure has some exceptions.

Carlos Vicente said that the decision applies to passengers who purchase tickets at this stage, unlike those who already had tickets with dates in the pandemic, that is, since the state of emergency enacted due to the pandemic gives covid-19, on March, until the time when the TAAG adopted this measure.

Not communicated, to TAAG informs that, for routes started outside Angola, ticket sales must be made in the currency of the country of the initial route or in convertible currency.

The company accepts the purchase of tickets using a credit card via a website in foreign currency, for routes started both in Angola and abroad.

“IS, exceptionally, payment in kwanzas for journeys departing (initial journey) outside the country in cases related to study abroad, travel due to illness or death, upon justified request from the interested party “, is indicated in the document.

Regarding penalties and excess baggage, as well as advance requests for excess baggage, the TAAG informs that they must be paid in the currency allowed by the country to which the coupon refers to be made.

In the case of trips that have already started, the statement emphasizes, in the rumen tickets will be paid in the currency of the country where the passenger is located.

“While the period of travel restrictions to and from Angola, due to the pandemic, penalty payments and in the rumen tickets purchased prior to the entry into force of this policy, may be made exceptionally in any currency “, stresses the TAAG in your statement.

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