‘Take it in the c *’, Jojo shouts at Biel for not doing it – Celebrities


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Jojo gave Biel a series of orders and demanded that he comply with them

Sunday (27) started hectic in “A Fazenda 12”: Jojo was outraged
with Biel’s “soft body”. At the base of the cry, she has not spared its repertoire of profanity
to curse the musician, who would not be doing his part in the tasks, like getting water from the well.

“You don’t pay crazy, c *** (…) It’s over! That’s it! Will take in c *
. Fuck it, “said the paoa, possessed.” Don’t be mocking me. What’s it? What was the angel of my b ***, c *** “.

Soon after, the funkeira sent Biel
fulfill activities. The other pedestrians were startled by the scolding.


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