Tax Lists, Petter Northug | Tax figures revealed ahead of time: Northug has hit back after a weak year


Petter Northug halved his income in his last year as an active cross-country skier, but now he has fought back.

The tax figures of the cross-country legend show that he earned 3.3 million kroner in 2019. This means that he has hit back after a weak 2018, when he had an income of 2.5 million. The year before, he had an income of NOK 5.5 million.

The increase in income last year is 31 per cent compared with the previous year, according to the tax figures available at credit information companies and which Nettavisen has obtained.

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Northug was an active skier for many years until he announced in December 2018 that he was leaving. Among other things, he has his own clothing collection, and has also been a prominent TV personality, as well as an expert commentator for TV 2.

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His fortune is not as cheerful reading. In 2018 it was NOK 18.8 million, while last year it went down to NOK 15.8 million, a decrease of NOK 3 million, which corresponds to 16 per cent.

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On August 28, it became known that Northug was getting rid of the Jaguar he was using when he was stopped by the police in August.

He was then measured at 168 km / h in a 110 zone, and then the police searched the ski legend’s home and found 10 grams of cocaine.

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In retrospect, Northug put all the cards on the table, and even claimed that he has a major drug problem. He also called himself a “drug addict”. The ski king is still a free man, since the police are still working to complete the prosecution. After that, Northug must appear in court.

Negative blood test

In early September, the police received a response to the blood sample taken by Petter Northug in mid-August, and it turned out to be negative.

– The police therefore drop the charge concerning driving under the influence of drugs, wrote police lawyer Karoline Ekeberg in the Eastern police district in a press release.

Ekeberg told NTB that it was a positive saliva test on the spot that was the basis for the accusation of driving under the influence of drugs.

Petter Northug has been contacted, but has not commented on the case.

The figures are based on tax figures obtained from a credit information company. The online newspaper reserves the right to appeal and change the figures. Normally, the entire tax settlement is published in November, but due to the corona situation, this year it has been postponed to December.

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