Tays Reis trolls with Lucas Cartolouco


On Monday night (28) in The Farm 12 Tays Reis decided to troll Lucas Cartolouco with something he has no affinity for: the soap, the singer wanted to get revenge on the journalist for throwing a frog near her and gave her face liquid soap instead of toothpaste to brush her before going to sleep.

With a stinking reputation for spending two to three days without showering, Cartolouco made the participants laugh when he realized Tays’ trolling: “Vengeance is the last to die”, she joked, as he complained and spit out the soap at the sink.

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“There will be a return”, warned Cartolouco, “I was surprised when I saw you putting soap on the brush”, he observed Jakelyne Oliveira: “Friend, he threw a frog near me, inside the stall I almost went inside Rodrigo Moraes“, Explained the singer.

I wondered and remembered that my facial soap is the color of fluoride. I thought: “I’m going to say it’s fluoride”, wasn’t the idea good? “, She asked, and Cartolouco said with her head as she rinsed her mouth:” Tays, this war is not going to end now “, he warned, once again . “We draw!” She celebrated.


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