Teresa Guilherme accused of not giving space to Popcorn: “I smell heartburn”


Aat Garcia Martins (The Sweetest Popcorn) sat down on the couch of ‘Big Brother’ to comment on the events that marked the gala. This Sunday, 27 September, debuted in the broadcast with Teresa Guilherme and reactions soon arrived.

A wave of comments on social media revealed the disappointment of viewers with the posture of the presenter, who is accused of giving Ana Garcia Martins little space.

“Teresa was very bad, nor did she let Pipoca talk about the nominations”, “What a pity for Teresa not to let her speak, the best of the program Teresa doesn’t let happen” e “Popcorn … Teresa Guilherme doesn’t seem to like you very much in that chair. I smell heartburn”, are some of the reactions.

There were also those who stressed that the commentator “deserved so much more” than “what was given” to this gala and praised the ability to argue in the controversy with Carina and Sandra.

Emotions and Twists Gala

This Sunday’s gala was marked by the expulsion of Diana, who abandoned the game with 53% of the votes in favor of her leaving. The place in the house was initially disputed with Rui, named directly by Andreia and Sandra, and with André Filipe. The latter was expelled by the ‘Big Brother’ for acts of vandalism and disrespect.

When chosen by the Portuguese to continue the experience, Rui acquired the ‘suitcase of power’. This privilege allowed him to choose another competitor to save one of the new nominees and replace him with another. In this case, Renato was chosen to exercise this power and decided to change Jessica Antunes by Catarina, being named Sandra, Andreia, Joana and Catarina.

The door opened to Diana’s exit (and beyond)

Liliana it is the latest face of ‘Big Brother – The Revolution’. Oliveira do Bairro, a 25-year-old businesswoman, won the public vote to enter the game, a week after being introduced to the place, along with Diogo.

TVI justified by André Filipe’s state of health

After the program decision, the competitor’s mother mud revealed that he was hospitalized following an outbreak psychotic and is still in the hospital. Her health status generated alarmism and the TVI it did not fail to provide a public justification, after being the target of several criticisms.

Teresa Guilherme gave voice to a channel statement, in which the station defends itself stating that all necessary tests were carried out to ensure that André Filipe was prepared psychologically to enter the game.

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