Teresa Guilherme cried “all day” because of Sunday’s gala


Teresa Guilherme was this Tuesday, the 29th, on ‘Cristina’s Day’ for an exciting conversation with Cristina Ferreira.

The great queen of reality shows was surprised by the music of her life – a moment that left her in tears – and also by the unexpected ‘presence’ of the voice of ‘Big Brother’, who came in direct to ask “the questions I always wanted”.

“What is the reason for the success of the ‘Big Brother’ program?” He asked. “It’s him, it’s ‘Big Brother’. But it’s also the competitors,” replied Teresa.

Here’s the question that followed: “If I had to make a curve in the life of reality shows, what are the best and worst moments?”

As expected, Teresa highlighted as the best moment the first moments of the first ‘Big Brother’, the departure of Zé Maria – winner of the program – from the most watched house in the country and, of course, the many moments with the competitors of those who became friends. .

“My farewell when I left ‘Casa dos Segredos three years ago was also a very remarkable moment”, he continues, giving special emphasis to the various elements of the second edition of’ Casa dos Segredos’ – a program in which Fanny and Marco took part Coast.

Finally, ‘Big Brother’ wanted to know “something that nobody knows” about the presenter. “Nobody knows that I am very dramatic, I cry a lot. Last Sunday I ground my head to the whole team saying ‘it will go very badly‘”, revealed Teresa Guilherme, referring to last Sunday’s’ Big Brother – The Revolution’ gala. “But it’s not crying a little, it’s crying all day long”, confesses.

Despite the nerves, the truth is that Teresa managed to lead the audience and the gala could not have gone better.

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