THE BALL – Eyes of the lion now focus on a spearhead (Sporting)


Regardless of the financial difficulties plaguing the lion, the truth is that, gradually, Sporting has been hiring players for the positions that Rúben Amorim considered needing reinforcements, as were the cases of a goalkeeper (Adán), a defender- left central (Feddal), two men who could play on the right (Pedro Porro) and on the left (Antunes) in the line of four players that the coach has thought for his preferential tactical scheme and also men who could lend other arguments to the right wing (Pedro Gonçalves) and left (Nuno Santos and Tabata, both of whom can play on the opposite flank).

And, here, the work is done, and the cases were solved with enough time for the players to get used to a new reality, especially in the cases of Adán, Feddal and Pedro Porro, because the remaining new players (Antunes, Nuno Santos, Pedro Gonçalves and, now, Tabata) were already perfectly identified with the club and, above all, with Portuguese football – that would have been, moreover, one of the aspects to take into account when hiring, thus avoiding the natural periods of adaptation.

However, at Sporting, and under normal conditions, at least one more player will still arrive, in this case for the attack, a so-called number 9. Sporting had practically everything right to receive Islam Slimani, but, like A BOLA advanced in a timely manner, it would be the player himself to block the deal in the face of a financially superior offer submitted by a French club. But a striker remains a priority objective and it is a player of these characteristics that the lion is focused on.

It is not to be overlooked, however, even if it is not a priority, that Sporting can hire another central defender, in this case to play on the right side in a line of three – here, according to the statements of Miguel Braga, communications director of the lions, on Sporting TV, the Brazilian Lyanco is, at this moment, not even a chance.


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