THE BALL – Otamendi is the 21st former Porto player to arrive in Luz (Benfica)


Nicolas Otamendi is expected to be officially introduced as Benfica’s new central defender later this afternoon, after signing a three-season contract with the Eagles, who paid Manchester City € 15m for the transfer.

The 32-year-old Argentine international is thus the 21st former FC Porto player to sign for the emblem of Luz. , as in the case of Otamendi:

– Francisco Ferreira (direct from FC Porto to Benfica, in 1938);

– José Maria (also direct, in 1957);

– Serafim e Paula (scorer and defender in Luz in 1963);

– Artur Jorge (1969, after working at Académica);

– Carlos Alhinho (1976);

– Francisco Vital (1980, passing through the middle, Betis);

– Rui Águas (he left Luz for Antas and, two years later, in 1990, returned to Benfica);

– Paulo Futre (1992, after making history at Atl. Madrid);

– Paulo Pereira and Tavares (1994, with V. Guimarães and Boavista in between);

– Drulovic, João Manuel Pinto, Algiers and Zahovic (2001);

– Miklos Fehér (direct in 2002);

– Emílio Peixe (2002, after passing through Alverca);

– Marco Ferreira (2007, after V. Guimarães and Penafiel);

– Derlei (2006, after passing through Dinamo Moscow);

– César Peixoto (2009).


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