The biggest of all scandals! Juan Carlos accused of pushing young pregnant lover to death – World


Events date back to 1977 and were “unearthed” this weekend by the Telecinco television station. In the ‘Viva la Vida’ program, the mysterious death of young Sandra Mozarowsky was remembered again and the name of the emeritus king is appointed as the cause of the tragedy.
The young actress, 18 years old, five months pregnant, appeared dead and authorities said it was a suicide.. A thesis that always raised many doubts since it ran to the “small mouth” that Sandra had started a sentimental relationship when she was still a minor with then prince Juan Carlos. All the other previous scandals that have been made public, even end up looking insignificant before the possibility of having ordered a crime.

The aforementioned television program implies that Juan Carlos knew perfectly well that the baby was his and yet he did not hesitate to abandon his lover in the name of the State and the stability of the monarchy.

‘Viva la Vida’ interviewed the journalist and writer Javier Bleda, author of ‘His Majesty Sandra Mozarowsky. The queen of Spanish cinema ‘ a book that talks about the events of 1977 and that tarnishes the emeritus king’s reputation.

The theory that Sandra Mozarowsky’s death may have been “ordered” gains momentum when Javier Bleda says on the Telecinco program: “Juan Carlos had a monarchy offered by Franco. This structure could fall, not because the king had a mistress, but because he had left a woman pregnant, and let’s not forget that she was a minor when she started walking with him“.


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