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The formation of the swidden in “The Farm 12”

that happened on Tuesday night (29) started differently, because Marcos Mion
asked the attention of pedestrians and made a speech directed to Carol Narizinho. He commented that the ex-panicat’s stance as a farmer – encouraging pedestrians to take punishments – was not acceptable and she should be an example to the guy. The speech revolted fans and the presenter decided to speak.

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Marcos Mion talks about scolding in Narizinho

“This position was not mine. As everyone who follows my career knows, I don’t have a personal opinion on ‘A Fazenda’. It doesn’t fit and it’s wrong. I know that fans suffer and I confess that I, as a viewer and friend of everyone there, also suffer ”, began writing Marcos Mion on Twitter.

He added: “It was a message for everyone, including Carol herself if she becomes a farmer again. The game needs rules. My job is just to charge them. I do not give a personal opinion, as this speech was not. I know it’s bad for the fans, but let’s hope she gets the message. ”

Finally, the presenter made it clear that he has nothing against the peoa: “Let it be a great season for her! I love it, just as I love everyone inside. But it is a game and rules are the rule ”.


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