The Farm: Biel plans to expel Jojo Todynho in case of new bullshit


It seems that Biel has not yet overcome the bullshit with Jojo Todynho at the weekend. On Monday morning (28), the singer returned to the subject in coversa with Lipe Ribeiro, planning a way to get the funkeira out of the reality show.

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“Peiting Jojo Todynho? What the f *** is that? My purpose is much bigger than that. He’s crazy, lowering the level. He’ll be talking to himself,” he said after the colleague tried to smooth the situation.

Then the young man told about one of his ideas.

“And if I get pissed off and come up, I’m going to give my face a punch and then she’ll get out of this shit. Wow! It’ll be the most enjoyable punch to take. Wow, it’ll be delicious!” , admitted in a nervous tone.

Lipe went on trying to appease. “You have to be fine, man.” However, Biel did not leash. “Of course, did you see me exalting me at some point?” “Ridiculous her posture. It has already fallen into my concept, I don’t even look at her face anymore, disgusted. Ridiculous. A person who raises the flag she raises is doing this.”

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The businessman then resorted to his fight with Stéfani Bays at De Férias com o Ex as a way to insist that Biel and Jojo should talk.

“This will turn into a snowball, it will hurt both. I speak from experience. Me and Stéfani the other season was a prick to each other,” he advised.


Still during the conversation with Lipe, the singer pointed out Jojo as his option in this week’s Roça if he doesn’t need another strategy.

“If I don’t have to defend anyone, I will vote for Jojo,” he said.

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