The Farm: Biel’s tantrum with Jojo intensifies: “He wants to destabilize us”


At dawn this Friday (25) Biel attacked again Jojo Todynho, which ended up becoming one of his biggest enemies. In conversation with Cartolouco e Lucas Maciel outside the house, the singer showed discomfort with the funkeira’s attitude towards Mateus Carrieri. In his conception, Jojo wants to destabilize the group of men.

How did Juliano and Mateus break? Simple: Jojo went there and saved Mateus at Resta Um. He wanted spontaneous gratitude and wanted to return it. He arrived at Juliano and said: ‘know that if one more Resta Um arrives and I have the opportunity to save her, I will repay’. Juliano said: ‘What do you mean, man?‘”, Explained Biel.

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She saved him in two“Replied Lucas Maciel. Biel then says that Jojo sees the group as united to eliminate them. “Why does she want him for her. To destabilize people. We lose one. Mateus voted for Raissa together with us. In her head, we’re together!“He concluded.

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