The Farm: Lipe wins the Trial of Fire


Lipe was the big winner of Prova de Fogo, from Fazenda 12, from Record TV, this Sunday afternoon (27). He played with Victoria and Rodrigo.

Lipe may veto two pawns from voting and double the vote of two others in the field.

Stay on top of what’s going on at A Fazenda

JP in Faro Time

JP Gadêlha was at Hora do Faro, from Record TV, and spoke about the experience at A Fazenda. The last eliminated was interviewed by journalists and gave his opinion on controversial topics.

Stay on top of what’s going on at A Fazenda

When asked about Biel’s controversial speech about Jojo and Mirella, the ex-pawn said he never saw the story as a fatophobia.

“I don’t see it that way. It was a comment. If I realized it was something like that, I would interfere, ”he said.

Leo Dias even questioned him if he believes he was a ‘puppet of Biel’ in the game.

“No. I had no choice. Inside, I found myself there with Biel. He has a great chat. Maybe, if I could go back, I wouldn’t have connected with Biel and Cartolouco ”, he said.

JP even detonated Jojo by saying that he felt ‘invaded’ by the singer’s jokes.

“I felt bad. She sexualized some things that I didn’t like, ”he said.

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Play with the pawns

Still in the attraction of Faro, the players won prizes, but depended on the qualities and defects that each received from JP.

First, they raffled medals: colored or white. Narizinho, Raíssa, Luiza Ambiel, Mariano and Tays took the colored medals. However, to receive the awards they could not have been ‘detonated’ by JP, at Hora do Faro.


JP exchanged Luiza’s prize and gave it to Victoria.
Mariano continued with the award
JP exchanged Raíssa’s prize and gave it to Stefani
Tays continued with the award
Narizinho was the biggest prize

Mariano won: TV
Victoria won: R $ 3 thousand
Stefani won: Notebook
Tays won: R $ 5,000
Narizinho won: R $ 10,000

Lead exchanged?

Luiza and Raissa, who had their prizes exchanged, had to decide whether JP would receive a prize or not. They said he deserved to compete for the Gold award. He went through a truth machine and earned R $ 20 thousand reais.


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