The Farm: “The stick will burst”, says Jojo Todynho when declaring war against Biel


After the vote in the hot climate of the reality show’s third garden ‘The Farm 12‘, which even counted Jojo a Biel, the singer remained angry with the singer and declared war on him.

Jojo “exploded” and made it clear that it is now “war”. In the kitchen, she started to tap a bottle to discount her “hate”. Quickly, pawns left, while others told her to be careful, as she could hurt her hand.

After this episode, the paoa shouted: “I put the hate out, now the stick will burst. Who wants peace, amen. If you want war, you tell me ”.

After the spirits calmed down, Jojo cried and was comforted by Victoria. In addition, she said what she thinks of Biel, making it clear that she cannot stand his attitudes in reality.

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