The Force of Wanting: With jealousy of Caio, Bibi goes crazy: Forget that I exist – Novelas


Completely in love with Caio (Rodrigo Lombardi), Bibi’s (Juliana Paes) life will still take many turns in A Força do Querer. And in the next chapters, although she says with all the lyrics that she loves her husband Rubinho (Emílio Dantas), seeing Caio (Rodrigo Lombardi) will rock with her, even after the past 15 years.

In scenes that will air soon, they will meet in college, and despite having been evicted and sleeping at the bar with her husband, Bibi insists on telling the lawyer that she is happy in her marriage. With this provocation, Caio will be more present in Perigosa’s life than she can imagine.

The lawyer is aware of Bibi’s financial situation and helps her get a house, and a job for Rubinho, but all under the hood, but he will not resist exchanging barbs with his ex.

Caio will provoke Bibi in front of her husband, questioning how they met: “Oh, tell me, now I was curious! It must have been a very special way of getting to know each other to leave so many memories”.

“It was in elementary school. I was crazy about him. I always was! Do you know that boy who knew how to charm a girl? Did he know how to arrest a girl? It was him. The person is born or not born with this gift. He was born,” she says.

After that, Bibi will take satisfaction from Caio. To provoke her, Caio will take a call from his sister pretending it is more of a house. And Perigosa goes crazy: “Don’t ask anyone for me, forget about me once I exist! It’s a favor you do me!”

Other emotions of A Força do Querer

In this Monday’s chapter (28), Zeca rescues Ritinha and takes her back to Parazinho. Cibele has a disagreement with Shirley, and Dantas tries to calm his daughter down. Eurico complains about Ruy having accepted the hiring of the bride as an advisor to the presidency. Silvana tells Dita that she will be out to play. Eugênio invites Irene to dinner and lies to Joyce. Ivana gets ready to go out with Cláudio. Rubinho talks about his childhood with Bibi. Aurora asks to meet Caio. Shirley is run over, and Jeiza takes care of the girl. Ivana sees Eugênio and Irene together. Aurora looks for Caio. Edinalva surprises Ritinha. Edinalva scolds Ritinha in front of the whole village. Aurora tells Caio about Bibi’s financial problems.


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