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This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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Erna Solberg today presented changes in the national corona measures.

The new national guidelines include:

  • Broad-based sports for adults can start again
  • The national bar stop at midnight ends
  • It is open for 600 people to gather at outdoor events. Indoors, the maximum limit of 200 people still applies.

In places where there are local outbreaks, the local measures are still in force, such as in Oslo. The relief applies from 12 October. The bar stop ends from the night of 13 October.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Minister of Health Bent Høie and Minister of Culture Abid Raja invited today to a press conference on the corona situation. Also present were director of the Norwegian Directorate of Health Bjørn Guldvog and department director of the National Institute of Public Health Line Vold.

– We do not get a break from the infection control rules, even if it is a holiday. We are still on insecure ground. We have several local outbreaks. Now it is Oslo, Arendal and Øygarden that have to deal with outbreaks, Solberg said.

– The national infection rates are at a relatively low level, she continued.

She emphasized that this is not a release, but a new phase.

– To those of you who live in areas with increased infection, and who still have to wait for the relief we will make towards the end of next week, I hope that this will be an extra motivation to join the infection control measures that local authorities have implemented, said Solberg.

Infection wave 2 in Europe

Health Director Bjørn Guldvog summed up the infection situation in Europe.

– We are in infection wave number 2 in Europe. The increase in infection has occurred at the same time as school starts and people return after holidays. In several places, it is not possible to trace the infection, Guldvog said.

He singled out the countries of France, Britain, Spain and Russia as the countries with the most infection.

– Compared to almost all other countries, we have a less serious situation in Norway. Schools and kindergartens are open, the health service functions approximately as normal and workplaces function normally normally. The reason for this is that most people follow the infection control councils and that the municipalities are able to track infection, Guldvog said.

Stricter in Oslo

Oslo City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor Party) announced stricter corona measures in the capital on Monday, including a sanitary napkin order on public transport and a ban on indoor events with more than 50 participants without permanent seats.

The new measures came after pressure from Minister of Health Bent Høie.

On Monday, the Minister of Health asked all the municipalities around the capital to introduce several of the same measures.

In the last two days, the increase is 217 reported cases of coronary heart disease. It shows the figures from the national reporting system for infectious diseases. It takes an average of one to two days from the test result is available until it is registered, the figures may therefore give an inaccurate picture of the infection situation right now.

These are the measures Oslo is introducing:

Mandate to use bandages on public transport when it is not possible to keep a meter away.

Order to register guests at restaurants.

Temporary ban on indoor events with more than 50 participants without fixed seats.

Introduces the use of face masks in home nursing where it is not possible to keep your distance.

A new assessment of the measures will be made after 14 days.


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