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MAY PLAY EC: Stine Bredal Oftedal during the semifinal loss against Spain in the WC last year. Photo: BJØRN S. DELEBEKK

The government is betting that the European Handball Championship for women will take place as normal in Trondheim in December.

– With today’s message, and if this does not develop negatively, the European Championships will be in Norway, Secretary General Erik Langerud cheers.

He expects to have the so-called infection control protocol ready soon

– We must satisfy all requirements, and it will be extremely strict for players, media and organizers. It is closest to living in isolation. This will definitely be a different European Championship, which will probably be the best on TV. But we will be able to choose a European champion, he says.

– We aim to make an exception for the European Handball Championship in December. A lot of work has been done by the handball association. They have created a regime so that the athletes are in an arena and players are in one or two hotels, which will be closed to the public, said Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Abid Raja (V) at a press conference on Wednesday, where the government presented several facilitations.

Practitioners outside Schengen / EU / EEA countries are thus exempted from normal quarantine rules.

– We have clearly had an uncertainty all the time, and we have been dependent on exceptions since we have teams outside the EEA / Schengen, says Langerud, who praises good dialogue with the Ministry of Culture.

The government allows foreign athletes to come to Norway to participate in the World Cup in skiing and international handball matches, but Raja emphasizes that this is subject to the infection being under control at the times of the events.

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