The infection is rising again in Oslo – 44 new infections registered in the last 24 hours


The three previous days the numbers went down gently. On Monday, there were 32 new infections in the capital.

The number of infections in the capital is 619 in the last fourteen days, according to statistics from the health service in Oslo municipality.

The majority of men are still reported to be infected, and the age group 20–29 has the absolute largest number of registered cases with 228 cases.

The districts of St. Hanshaugen and Stovner have the most infected, with 143.8 and 147.1 infected per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively. The lowest infection rates are in the districts of Vestre Aker and Ullern, with 23.9 and 28.9, respectively.

On Monday, the City of Oslo announced that they are introducing a number of tightenings, including mandatory bandages when public transport is cramped.

At the same time, a ban on indoor events with more than 50 participants without permanent seats is introduced. All pubs are also required to have a system for registering guests to make infection detection more efficient.

Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) had a meeting with Oslo and the surrounding municipalities on Monday night about the level of measures. He asked the municipalities to coordinate so that they can also introduce more of the measures such as Oslo.


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