The Liberal Party says yes to the EU:


– I’m a little shaky now, to be completely honest. We have been fighting for this cause for 20 years, says Unge Venstre leader Sondre Hansmark.

CHEERS: Young Liberal Party leader Sondre Hansmark. Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

The proposal the party has adopted is:

“The Liberal Party believes that the EEA agreement has served Norway well, but wants in the long run to participate in the democratic institutions in the EU through EU membership, where good solutions are made for fisheries and agriculture and a separate assessment is made of possible entry into the eurozone. »

It is emphasized that a referendum will decide the issue.

– But what does this decision really mean?

– This means that in principle we believe Norway should become a member of the EU. Then it is up to the Storting election program when it will happen, Hansmark says.

The Liberal Party will thus be the second party in the Storting to say yes to the EU, alongside government partner the Conservative Party.

New management for

With a newly elected management where everyone is EU-positive, everything was in place for a policy change. Newly elected Liberal leader Guri Melby was clear in his recommendation to vote for the EU-positive wording.

– There are uncertain times in the world. In the midst of this, the EU stands as an important counter-voice, and they are taking a leading role in solving the climate crisis. Norway belongs to this community.

Among the others who spoke for the EU in the debate at the national meeting was 2nd Deputy Abid Raja.

– Now we have finally come out of the closet, we have been EU supporters all the time, Raja says to TV 2 and adds:

– I am glad that the Liberal Party is now a clear internationally oriented party, with Yes to the UN, yes to NATO and yes to the EU.

The veterans against

The case has been up a number of times in the party. Then the no-side has gone off with the victory, with recently resigned leader Trine Skei Grande in the lead.

TV 2 has previously written about how the party’s leading veterans are against saying yes to the EU now.

– I will vote no, Skei Grande told TV 2.

Guri Melby elected as the new leader of the Liberal Party: – I am completely moved

– Why do you think it is wrong of Norway to enter now?

– Because we as an economy are in such a reverse cycle of Europe that not being able to have our own monetary policy will make us weaker, Skei Grande said.

Odd Einar Dørum is also against, and would get me a national meeting to stop by defending the EEA agreement.

– Why do you want to stop at the EEA agreement?

– It secures the business we need. We do not benefit from the eurozone and the EEA agreement secures agriculture and fish, Dørum told TV 2.

Split the party

This happens after the question has been raised a number of times in recent decades.

In connection with the referendum in 1972, the EU disagreement was so fierce that it split the party.

The Yes wing broke out of the party, and the Liberal People’s Party was founded.

The starting point for the split was that the Liberal Party’s 13 parliamentary representatives divided on the question of the union, which was then called the EEC. Eight of the representatives in the Storting were in favor of membership of the EEC, while five were against, and the question therefore had to be raised at an extraordinary national meeting.


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