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The moving average of new deaths in Brazil in the last 7 days was 693 deaths, a variation of -12% compared to data recorded in 14 days. The moving average of cases was 26,426 per day, a variation that points to a fall, with -17% in relation to the cases registered in 14 days.

Worldwide, the five countries with the most deaths are: the United States (205 thousand), Brazil (143 thousand), India (96 thousand), Mexico (76 thousand) and the United Kingdom (42 thousand).

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Below, G1 gathers the main news of the day about coronavirus:

Did Johnson vaccine prove safe in testing?

Volunteer receives vaccine test for Covid-19 in Florida on September 24 – Photo: Marco Bello / Reuters

Preliminary and partial results indicate that the vaccine developed by the Johnson & Johnson group against Covid-19 is safe and induced an immune response even after a single application. The results refer to a part of the participants in phases 1/2, which were conducted jointly.

The results have not yet been reviewed by other scientists – a necessary requirement for publication in a scientific journal – but were made available in an online repository on Friday (25). Immunization was the fourth to obtain authorization for phase 3 tests in Brazil, in August. Last week, the company announced that it would start the third stage worldwide, with 60,000 volunteers. In Brazil, according to Anvisa, there will be 7 thousand participants.

People are seen at the headquarters of Moderna Therapeutics, which is developing a vaccine against Covid-19 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA – Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters / Archive

A study of 40 patients showed that the mRNA-1273 vaccine, produced by the American pharmaceutical company Modern against Covid-19, caused mild or moderate reactions in the elderly. The research was published on Tuesday (29) in the scientific journal “The New England Journal of Medicine”.

The test with the elderly occurred after the company had already proven safety among participants aged 18 to 55 years. Only then did the researchers begin phase 1 studies with older participants, enrolled between April 16 and May 12. They were divided into two groups: 56 to 70 years old and over 71 years old Patients received two doses, administered 28 days apart.

What does the new technical note from Anvisa say about vaccine?

Volunteer receives Covid-19 vaccine test in Florida on September 24 – Photo: Marco Bello / Reuters

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) published a technical note on Tuesday (29) that reduces the initial documentation and simplifies the registration for vaccines of Covid-19. The name of the procedure is “continuous submission”.

The measure, exclusive for the registration of immunizers against the new coronavirus, was taken to “make data analysis faster”, according to Anvisa. The interested company or institution must enter a protocol with the regulator, but without the need for all technical documents and requirements at the beginning of the process.

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