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QUEUE: The traffic during the morning rush towards Oslo on the E18 from Drammen. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

The pressure in traffic during rush hour on Monday can be strong as a result of the bus strike in Eastern Norway.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration encourages home offices to prevent long queues.

– It would have been very nice if those who can have a home office, take it. Then there will be a slightly smaller queue, says traffic operator Anne Hårstad in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to VG on Sunday night.

However, she adds:

– We are used to rush hour, and we can not do anything about it. People have to be patient.

Measurements made by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on Sunday night for traffic in and around Oslo, showed that there were far more cars on the roads than there were last Sunday.

3800 bus drivers on strike: Alerts fast escalation

– Do not travel unless you have to

It happens after 3800 bus drivers were taken out on strike on Sunday morning, after the parties did not reach an agreement. This affects all of Ruter’s city and regional buses in Oslo and Viken. The buses to Østfold public transport and Brakar are also stationary, with some exceptions for school transport. The strike also affects the bus for train service to Vy, the airport buses and school buses, writes NTB.

If the conflict persists, close to 12,000 drivers could be taken out in total.

Are you affected by the strike? Send photos and video to us here, or at [email protected]

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Bus strike: – Escalation fairly quickly

Ruter has also asked people to stay at home if they can – also those who will travel by public transport that is not affected, such as trams, subways, trains and boats.

– Ruter points out that there may be many passengers by tram, subway, train and boat, which could mean that Ruter can not arrange for passengers to keep the recommended distance, they write in a press release on Sunday, and add :

– Do not travel unless you have to, keep the recommended distance and wear a bandage according to the recommendations of the health authorities.

The company also states that their travel app has not been updated, so that travelers will be able to find travel options that are not correct.

Bane Nor also reports that there may be extra congestion on their trains due to the bus strike.

Hundreds more vehicles

During the survey of the road authority on the E6 at the Nordby tunnel on Sunday, a maximum of 3091 vehicles were registered between 5pm and 6pm, compared with 2447 vehicles at the same time the week before.

On the E18 towards Oslo from the west at the measuring point Høvik, at most more crossings were registered this Sunday than last.

And at the measuring point at Nydalen on national road 150 in Oslo, which is popularly called Ring 3, more vehicles were registered on Sunday during the bus strike than the week before.

Both between 3pm and 4pm and 4pm and 5pm, 4,530 vehicles were registered passing here. In comparison, 4328 and 4419 vehicles passed here last Sunday, respectively.

Hårstad in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration believes that the bus strike will lead to more rush hour traffic than usual.

It will be interesting. If everyone drives during rush hour, we get a lot of queues on Monday. If you can choose other times to drive in, then it’s great.

VG has taken as its starting point the measurements of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for vehicles that are shorter than 5.6 meters.

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