The number of people infected with coronavirus rises to 45 in a home outbreak in Ourique – Society


The number of infected people associated with the covid-19 outbreak identified in a home in the Alentejo municipality of Ourique has risen from 44 to 45 and the number of inmates remains at three, the municipality’s president said Thursday.

The new case is of a woman who had been the only member of a family of six with a negative result in the first test, but ended up getting infected and testing positive in the second test, because, “even at the risk” of getting the infection , which ended up happening, wanted to be with the two children, who are among the remaining five infected family members, explained Marcelo Guerreiro.

The first positive case of covid-19 in the home of the village of Santa Luzia, that of an elderly woman of 85 years, had been detected on the 13th of this month, after a test carried out by the user due to “an emergency hospital episode” at the hospital from Beja, where she ended up being hospitalized.

After the first case was detected, screening tests were carried out on the remaining 16 users and 28 employees of the home, owned by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Ourique, in the district of Beja, with 26 giving positive results (13 users and 13 employees) and 14 negative (one user and 13 employees) and four inconclusive (two users and two employees).

The two users and two employees who had inconclusive results in the first test did second tests, which gave negative results.

Tests carried out on close contacts with infected home employees made it possible to detect 18 more cases of infection, including two babies, bringing to 45 the total number of infected people associated with the outbreak.

The two infected babies attend the Creche and Kindergarten of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Ourique, one of whom, the first to test positive, is 11 months old and is the son of an employee and the other is two years old and is a grandson. another employee of Lar de Santa Luzia.

According to Marcelo Guerreiro, among the 45 cases of infection confirmed to date there are 14 users, 13 employees and 18 close contacts of infected home employees.

Of the 45 infected, three are admitted to the hospital in Beja, namely an elderly person, 95 years old, a household worker, 65 years old, and the patient who was the first confirmed positive case.

The elderly and the patient are “stable” in wards on the floor dedicated to covid-19 and the employee is in the Multipurpose Intensive Care Unit of the Beja hospital, a source from the Local Health Unit of Baixo Alentejo (ULSBA) told Lusa.

With the exception of the user admitted to the hospital in Beja, all the remaining 13 infected users are at home, said the mayor, referring that the three users who tested negative were transferred to a residence in the municipality.

Also with the exception of the hospitalized employee and the elderly, all 29 other infected – 12 household employees and 17 close contacts – are at home and being monitored by health authorities.

Speaking to Lusa, the provider of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Ourique, José Raul dos Santos, said that the infected 11-month-old baby frequents the nursery’s nursery room with nine other babies and five employees – four assistants and an educator.

The second baby with confirmed infection attends the two-year-old nursery room with 18 other babies and two employees – an educator and an assistant.

The two rooms were closed and disinfected and have already reopened after tests on all other babies and employees have been negative.

The remaining employees of the Nursery and Kindergarten of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Ourique also tested negative and all facilities were disinfected and are functioning normally.


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