The Ombudsman has summoned the parties to the bus conflict to a meeting on Wednesday


The Ombudsman has asked the parties to the bus conflict to a meeting on Wednesday at 12. Over 8,000 bus drivers are on strike around the country.

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Yrkestrafikkforbundet, Fellesforbundet, Norsk Jernbaneforbund and Fagforbundet had a joint celebration on Youngstorget for the striking bus drivers on Thursday. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Ombudsman Mats Wilhelm Ruland confirms to NTB that he has asked the parties to appear in a meeting with him on Wednesday.

– The background is that the conflict has been going on for some time. It is a major conflict that affects third parties. I want a status from the parties and want to hear if there is a basis for resuming mediation, he says.

Ruland emphasizes that it is not the parties who have taken the initiative for the meeting, but that it comes from him and is justified by the extent of the conflict and the infection situation.

– I have not yet received confirmation that everyone is coming. The parties have no obligation to remain silent, but I expect them to come.

Yrkestrafikkforbundet and Fellesforbundet participate

Yrkestrafikkforbundet has said it is willing to stand at the meeting, says chief negotiator for Yrkestrafikkforbundet, Linda Jæger.

– YTF is hesitant about what may come out of the meeting, but hopes that the employer is willing to meet our demands.

Fellesforbundet’s leader Jørn Eggum confirms to NTB that they will also participate, but he has no further comment.

Over 8,000 strikers

It has been over a week since bus drivers in Viken and Oslo went on strike, and large parts of public transport were paralyzed.

On Sunday 20 September, there was a break in the mediation between NHO Transport and Spekter on the employer side, and Yrkestrafikkforbundet, Fellesforbundet, Jernbaneforbundet and Fagforbundet on the employee side.

This weekend, the strike escalated, and another 4,500 bus drivers joined the 3,800 drivers who had already quit their jobs.



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