The parrots in the zoo cursed so many visitors that they had to be removed


In a zoo in England, specifically Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, there has been a lot of crude language. Not only among visitors, but also from those who live there.

A group of parrots in the zoo had to be put back in isolation when they all started swearing at visitors.

The five African gray parrots were adopted by Lincolnshire Wildlife Park on August 15 and put in a room together.

And what do you do in isolation in a small room? Yes, you turn off a “talk”.

The parrots used their time in isolation to teach each other swear words and what many would call a rude language.

The staff in the park thought this was fun, but the parrots simply had to return in isolation when they cursed at visitors, writes Mirror.

It is not uncommon for parrots to swear, as we can see in this video:

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Steve Nichols, CEO of Friskney Park, said the birds were put in a “time out”.

But he could also tell that it is not unusual to delete with a rough rough measure from parrots.

– Every now and then you get one as a banner, and it’s always fun. “We think it’s funny when they swear at you,” he told Lincolnshire News.

Since the park adopted several birds at the same time, these were put in isolation together. And when one of them swears, more people follow.

– The more they swear, the more you usually laugh, which makes them swear again, Nichols explains to Lincolnshire News.

Within 20 minutes of being placed out in the park, there were complaints that the parrots cursed at visitors.

– We thought it was very fun and the guests thought it was fun – they were no problem at all. But we were a little worried because we were facing a weekend and then many children come, Nichols said.

Park Chief Nichols said that African gray parrots are particularly good at learning “linguistic” sounds.

The plan now is to release the five birds into separate areas so that they do not encourage each other to further swear.

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The park has also made headlines around the world after a video of Chico, a parrot in the park, singing Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” became a hit online.

Nichols said people have come to see Chico and then heard about the parrots with rough targets, which means both have been good for business.

– But it is quite strange to see people standing and cursing at birds in the hope that they will repeat the curse back to them, Nichols says.

– We have become an “adult” couple, he joked.

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