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The party for most angels

By Tone Sofie Aglen


The new party of Geir Lippestad and KrF defectors is so good and hot that a snowball does not have a chance there. The question is whether sufficiently many of the endangered breed KrF voters are tempted to destroy for Erna and co.

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– We will take the best from all parties and put it in the center, said the party’s front figure Geir Lippestad on an epic edition of NRK’s ​​Politisk kvarter.

Even the most hard-working can twist in the chair of host Bjørn Myklebust’s ongoing question, but not Lippestad. He simply dismissed them as uninteresting. “People are never a problem,” he said.

Lippestad became known as a defender for the Utøya terrorist, and has later had a career as a city councilor for the Oslo Labor Party. He has also been named the name of the year, and became very popular after his defensive work. It is easy to see that the sympathetic lawyer has appeal, but as a political rhetorician, Lippestad is a prince of fog who puts high-sounding politicians such as Støre, Jagland, Hareide and Solheim completely in the shadows.

The newly formed party bases all policies in its new platform on the UN’s sustainability goals and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Poverty must be eradicated, inequality must be fought, climate change must be stopped and biological diversity must be saved. The three-party program (here, by the way, many parties have little to learn), is permeated by words such as sustainability, diversity, exclusion, equality, community and social justice. Especially for the disabled, LGBTI people, minorities, refugees and the world poor. The center will build bridges between people, not walls, it is established.

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You literally feel how the angel wings grow out and the halo shines while you read the program. It is almost as if Sylvi Listhaug’s insulted term “goodness poser” asks for a place in the political dictionary.

However, there is some chewing resistance. The party is calling for the EEA agreement and wants the oil industry to be closed down within 15 years. Lippestad also thinks that building roads is old-fashioned. All three things are in fact possible to disagree with, not least in the districts.

That being said. It is certainly political parties that are formed on a much thinner basis than this.

Few leave the new party great opportunities to enter the Storting. Establishing new parties in Norway is very demanding. Even after more than thirty years, the Green Party has not crossed the threshold. And they were in turn part of a European, green movement when they were established, and have strong ownership of the most important cause of our time. Steinar Bastesen succeeded in a time with the Coastal Party, but then you have to meet the spirit of the times.

It is difficult to see what spirit of the time the party with the somewhat misleading name Sentrum hits. What can voters find here that they cannot find at MDG or SV? There is obviously a strong commitment to Moria and refugees, but even there the left has the answers they want. That it is a real center party is at least impossible to see from what has been said and written so far. But that is exactly what one can easily object to all three center parties a day. They are all safely placed on their respective political sides.

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The center appears most of all as a haven for disappointed Krf members. The question is how much they manage to mobilize. The impression is that peace has dropped somewhat in KrF after the dramatic choice of path. People have put the worst behind them and work well together. Those who have lost faith have already left, and new people have been hired. If the red, blue and yellow labels have not been forgotten, they have at least faded.

Knut Arild Hareide, Eirik Lunde and Ingelin Noresjø are important voices in the party without thinking of them as red alibis anymore. Although the party lost the biotechnology team in the Storting, it helped to bind the party further together.

But it’s fragile. The party has a painstaking job of building up. The grass root is in weathering, completely independent of the path choice. There are few people who keep local teams alive around the country. Even though party leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad is steady, he still needs both time and training to get enough authority as a front figure and debater.

Although there has been a rising form curve in the polls, the battle for the barrier is getting tough. Few votes can decide. KrF hardly has much to go on, and only a few votes for the party Sentrum can ruin both KrF and Erna Solberg’s dream of re-election.

But one should also not completely write off that Sentrum can have a mobilizing effect for KrF. It can help gather the forces in the party, and give increased attention to KrF’s heart issues in the election campaign.

Although they are apparently cool, they will follow the Center with an arguing eye for the next few days. How many current and former Krf members will report transition? What is your plan? Will anyone support the party with money?

But election campaign effects they do not have to worry about. Erna Solberg’s ministers should have enough UN sustainability pins for everyone.

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