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ON THE WAY: Here Jens Petter Hauge is in place at Gardermoen before leaving for Milan. Photo: Jonathan Hansen, VG

GARDERMOEN (VG) If everything goes as planned, Jens Petter Hauge (20) will be ready for Milan shortly. The shooting star admits that it can be strange to leave Glimt in the middle of the dream season.

VG meets the young boy when he arrives at Gardermoen after leaving Bodø. On Tuesday night, he is in place in Milan, and if everything goes according to plan, he will officially become a Milan player and teammate with Zlatan Ibrahimovic shortly.

Hauge thinks the level suits him well.

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– It feels good, and it feels like a step that is possible to take now. I look forward to getting the last things in place, Hauge says.

The price for Hauge will be around five million euros, ie over 50 million kroner, as TV 2 has also reported.

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As far as VG understands, there has been interest from the Italian club for a while, but the settlement between Glimt and Milan really set things in motion. Hauge provided a goal-scoring pass and a goal.

– We got a good feeling right away at the club. They have a style of play that can suit me well. It is an incredibly good team with many young and hungry players, who are a bit like the gang you are in Glimt. It is clear that there is a lot of threat to that project here, says the young boy.

– Absolutely unique

The transition can round off an incredible six months for Hauge. With Glimt, he has gone undefeated through the Elite Series, and at the same time scored 14 goals and delivered 9 goalscorers.

On Monday, the news also came that he has been selected in the A national team squad for the first time. Hauge finds big words when he describes the last six months.

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NEW STEP: According to what VG understands, Hauge will have a price tag of five million euros. Photo: VG / Jonathan Hansen

– It is completely unique. I am insanely proud and happy to have been on the journey we have had. It has been something unique and it is not certain that you will experience something similar again, to be as dominant and superior as we have been.

– Will it be a little strange to leave the team in the middle of the season?

– Of course it’s a little strange. Now things are not in the box yet, but this felt right for all parties now and the club is very happy. So then I look forward to taking that step, says Hauge.

On the way to transfer, he has also had talks with Milan’s sports director, the legendary midfielder Paolo Maldini.

– It was fun. It’s a good tone, and an insanely big football icon that it’s going to be incredibly fun to meet in person now. Then we will see what the next few days bring, Hauge concludes before pointing his nose at the next flight.

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