The Portuguese Cup second round games


Vitória de Setúbal, winner of three editions of the Portuguese Cup, will make their debut in the 2020/21 season with a reception to LigaPro Academico de Viseu, dictated the draw held this Tuesday in Oeiras.

The sadinos, who, after the conclusion of the last season, were relegated from the League to the Portuguese Championship (equivalent to the third division), for having failed the conditions for enrollment in professional competitions, had been exempt from competing in the inaugural round of the competition.

The draw for the second round of the Portuguese Cup, which Vitória de Setúbal won in 1965, 1967 and 2005, having disputed seven more finals, takes place on the same day that the squad of Setubalenses refused to train, in protest against the fact that having overdue wages.

The second round of the so-called queen competition of Portuguese football, which will take place on October 11, is already part of the LigaPro teams, who all play as visitors, one of whom – the Academico de Viseu – even ended up being drawn for the trip to Setúbal.

League clubs, including FC Porto, holder of the trophy and national champion, will only enter the competition in the third round, in which they must play as visitors, similarly to what happened now with the teams of the secondary level.

Check out the game map:

Évora Youth (CP) – Academic (II)

Câmara Lobos (CP) – Vizela (II)

Sesimbra (D) – Union (II)

Sporting de Espinho (CP) – Desportivo de Chaves (II)

GRAP (CP) – Cova da Piedade (II)

União Montemor (D) – Feirense (II)

Caldas (CP) – Sporting da Covilhã (II)

Esperança Lagos (CP) – Penafiel (II)

Vidago (CP) – Vilafranquense (II)

Fontinhas (CP) – Mafra (II)

African Students Bragança (D) – Arouca (II)

Vitoria de Setúbal (CP) – Academician of Viseu (II)

Vila Real (CP) – Casa Pia (II)

Sertanense (CP) – Estoril Praia (II)

Santa Marta Penaguião (D) – Leixões (II)

Rebordelo (D) – Varzim (II)

Sao Martinho (CP) – União Paredes (CP)

Vilaverdense (CP) – Lourinhanense (CP) / União Santarém (CP)

Limianos (D) – Mineiro Aljustrelense (CP)

Ideal (CP) – Merelinense (CP)

Felgueiras 1932 (CP) – Valadares Gaia (CP)

Montalegre (CP) – Vila Cortez Mondego (CP)

Cerveira (CP) – Oriental (CP)

Portomosense (D) – Real (CP)

Fazendense (D) / 1st December (CP) – União de Leria (CP)

União Da Madeira (CP) / Tirsense (CP) – Olímpico Montijo (CP)

Estrela da Amadora (CP) – Lusitano Vildemoinhos (CP)

Moncarapachense (CP) – Anadia (CP)

Alverca (CP) – Camacha (CP)

Ançã (D) – Sacavenense (CP)

Sanjoanense (CP) – Canelas 2010 (CP)

Pero Pinheiro (CP) – Fafe (CP)

São João Ver (D) – Marinhense (CP)

Trofense (CP) – Águeda (CP)

Oleiros (CP) – Mirandela (CP)

União Idanhense (D) – Torreense (CP)

Pedras Rubras (CP) – Salgueiros (CP)

Moura (CP) / Culatrense (D) – Beira-Mar (CP)

Vitória de Sernache (CP) – Fabril Barreiro (CP)

Lusitano Gym (CP) – Mortágua (CP)

Carapinheirense (CP) – Pinhalnovense (CP)

Ovarense (D) – Oriental (CP)

Vianense (CP) – Vilar Perdizes (D)

Blackberry (CP) – Ferreiras (D) / Louletano (CP)

Monção (D) – Barreirense (D)

Ericeirense (D) / Loures (CP) – Gondomar (CP)


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