The stock market break in SAS was lifted – the share fell sharply


The SAS share was paused just before 11 on Tuesday because the Oslo Stock Exchange wanted to examine the movements in the SAS share, which showed large differences between Norway and Sweden.

After opening just over two kroner on Tuesday, the share rose several hundred percent, albeit to relatively low turnover. At one point, the share was traded at around NOK 5.6, while the price of the SAS share in Stockholm was between two and three Swedish kroner.

The share fell sharply immediately after reopening, around 20 percent, and was one hour later traded at around 4.3 kroner. It was just after noon. 14 up over one hundred percent so far today.

Large deviation

– The reason for SAS ‘stock market break was that the discrepancy between the SAS share on the Oslo Stock Exchange and the other stock exchanges was large, says communications manager Geir Harald Aase at the Oslo Stock Exchange.

On the Stockholm Stock Exchange, the SAS share was traded at around SEK 2.5 at the same time. The share there was also paused.

Subscription right

Aase does not comment on the reason why some were willing to pay more for the share in Oslo than on the other stock exchanges, but suggests that it is conceivable that some of those who traded in Oslo would not have understood the effect of the share being traded today without right to subscription rights and the dilution in the share.

When the share was stopped, there was also uncertainty about what the real price was today. The Oslo Stock Exchange’s website showed, among other things, that the share was down just under 19 per cent, while the same page showed a sharp rise in the price graph.

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