The terrible story of the woman found alive at sea after 2 years missing


A Colombian woman who disappeared two years ago was rescued from the sea by fishermen last Saturday (26). She was found about 2.5 kilometers off the coast of Puerto Colombia, in the north of the country, near the city of Baranquilla, where she lived. Angelica Gaitan, 46 years old, was very weak and with hypothermia, after spending about eight hours at sea.

Angelica arrived at the hospital in shock, but she is doing well. In an interview with Colombian radio RCN, she said she threw herself into the sea in an attempt to escape the physical and psychological abuse she suffered from her ex-husband, with whom she lived for 20 years. Her family, who lives in Bogotá, did not support the relationship and, as she had not had contact with Angelica for more than two years, considered her missing. When they heard that she had been found, they soon got in touch.

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“The abuse started in my first pregnancy. He acted violently with me. The violence continued into her second pregnancy, but she was unable to leave the house because the girls were small. I denounced him, he was arrested, but he returned home 24 hours later, and the attacks were repeated, ”Angelina told the radio.

She also said that she ran away from her husband in 2018 because the man tried to murder her, and lived on the streets for six months. Then she was taken to a shelter and got a protective measure against the man. On Friday (25), she was informed that the measure had expired and that she should leave the shelter. Desperate, she decided to throw herself into the sea.

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