‘The Voice Kids’: presentation of the live stage shakes technicians and makes Simaria break the sandal | 2020


“Look here, look here … I don’t have maturity, I can’t stand it”, says Simaria as she slams her sandal on the floor, shocked by the performance of the participant chosen by the sisters to continue in the dispute.

Simaria breaks sandal in ‘The Voice Kids’ – Photo: Globo

Review Vinne Ramos’ presentation:

Vinne Ramos sings “Galopeira”

Another presentation that moved the technicians was Maria Eduarda Ribeiro. When singing “Rise Up“, the member of the Time Claudia Leitte classified for the final stretch, received a standing ovation and received many accolades:

“I passed away, I’m not here”, joked Mumuzinho. And Simaria added: ‘Today, Maria was not normal. Never in my life did I imagine that she would sing a song like that and do what she did. She surprised me, so much so that I am standing. What wonderful.”

Review Maria Eduada Ribeiro’s presentation:

Maria Eduarda Ribeiro sings “Rise Up”

Maria Eduarda Ribeiro sings “Rise Up”

And how not to highlight the exchange of messages between Simone and Simaria when saving a candidate to continue in the competition. The unconventional situation drew laughter from the pair during the program:

“Simone, look at the cell phone, for God’s sake! She takes a long time to answer, André. Simone, answer soon!”, Simaria despaired before the presenter.

Simone & Simaria exchange messages by cell phone during ‘The Voice Kids’ decision – Photo: Globo

Also review the last presentations of the other 10 candidates classified for the final stretch of reality:

Kauê Penna sings 'Listen'

Kauê Penna sings ‘Listen’

Paulo Gomiz canta 'Stay With Me'

Paulo Gomiz canta ‘Stay With Me’

Manu Guimarães sings 'Serenade'

Manu Guimarães sings ‘Serenade’

Analu Sampaio sings 'Upa Neguinho'

Analu Sampaio sings ‘Upa Neguinho’

Lucas Mohallem canta 'Set Fire To The Rain'

Lucas Mohallem canta ‘Set Fire To The Rain’

Matheus Martins sings 'I'm in Love'

Matheus Martins sings ‘I’m in Love’

Karen Silva sings “Meu Talisã”

Karen Silva sings “Meu Talisã”

Felipinho sings “Amor de Verdade”

Felipinho sings “Amor de Verdade”

Giovana Aguilera sings “Jardins da Babilônia”

Giovana Aguilera sings “Jardins da Babilônia”

Luisa Martins canta “Who´s Loving You”

Luisa Martins canta “Who´s Loving You”

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