– This may be the most harmful thing he has ever done


Recently, it has attracted much attention after President Donald Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful takeover if official results show that he will not be re-elected on November 3.

Trump, who has claimed that postal votes will lead to widespread electoral fraud, has argued that the election result may end up in the Supreme Court.

Historian Douglas Brinkley is alarmed by the statements.

“This may be the most harmful thing he has ever done to American democracy,” he told the New York Times.

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– Severe warnings

Chris Edelson, a professor at American University, believes the president’s allegations of electoral fraud are a threat to fundamental values.

– This is a president who has threatened to imprison his political opponents. Now he suggests that he will not respect the election result. These are serious warnings, he tells the newspaper.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP / NTB scanpix

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has responded that Trump will not promise to walk in the door if he loses.

– What kind of country are we in? He says such irrational things. I do not know what to say to that. But that does not surprise me, Biden said when asked to comment on Trump’s statement Wednesday night.

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– A big scam

The White House has assured that Trump will accept the result of a free and fair election, but as recently as Thursday, he reiterated the claim that voting by mail facilitates election fraud.

– Therefore, we must be very careful with the postal votes. You know, it’s all a big scam, Trump said, claiming that boxes of postal votes have been found in a river and in trash cans.

He has also said that the only way Democrats can win the election is through electoral fraud.


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