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Two security officers were shot during the demonstration. Louisville’s interim police chief, Robert Schroeder, said one person had been arrested, but gave no details about the suspect. The two injured policemen were hospitalized, and one is undergoing surgery.

Brett Hankison, one of three officers involved in the shooting, was accused of endangering the life of three of the victim’s neighbors. But neither Hankison nor the other two officers who fired the shots that killed Breonna were charged with the murder of the nurse, a 26-year-old black woman.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Louisville, Kentucky’s main city, after the announcement of the decision, to denounce police abuses against the black minority. A police device was deployed in the town of 600,000, and there were several arrests in the afternoon.

Police officers are seen in action after one of them was shot during a demonstration in Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday (23) – Photo: AP Photo / John Minchillo

Downtown stores protected their façades in the face of fear of a wave of violence sparked by the court decision. The municipality decreed a state of emergency and called for a curfew from 9 pm local time.

Hankison fired 10 shots, several of which hit the apartment next to Breonna’s, “putting three people on that floor in serious danger of injury or death,” said Kentucky state prosecutor Daniel Cameron.

Confused police officers with thieves

Hankison’s two colleagues, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, removed from office in June, were released because the court found that they acted in self-defense.

According to local media, Hankison went to a local prison and was then released after paying $ 15,000 bail, which is much less than in similar cases. Fired by the Louisville police in June, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Protesters march in Louisville, Kentucky, after a prosecution announcement about the Breonna Taylor case on Wednesday (23) – Photo: Jeff Dean / AFP

Breonna Taylor died at her residence on the night of March 13, when the police filed a special warrant, dressed in civilian clothes. Her boyfriend shot them because, according to him, he thought they were thieves. The policemen, who did not have the regulator camera activated, fired several times at the nurse.

Breonna’s boyfriend said he mistook the police for thieves, but the police said they had announced their presence before entering, a version confirmed by a witness, according to prosecutor Cameron.

The investigation did not determine which police officer killed the woman. “Under Kentucky law, Mattingly and Costgrove’s use of force was justified because they protected themselves,” said the prosecutor.

“Sister, the system you worked so hard for has abandoned you,” reacted on Instagram Juniyah Palmer, the victim’s sister. Taylor family lawyer Ben Crump said in a statement his indignation: “This is a new example of a lack of responsibility for the police’s genocide of blacks. It is ironic and typical that the only charge in this case is for shots fired in the apartment of a white neighbor. ”

Protesters march in Louisville, Kentucky, after a prosecution announcement about the Breonna Taylor case on Wednesday (23) – Photo: Jeff Dean / AFP

Breonna’s death did not attract much press attention at the time of the facts, but the case gained notoriety after the mass demonstrations against racism that spread across the country after George Floyd’s death.

“I know that the decision announced today will not please everyone,” acknowledged prosecutor Cameron, who confessed to having “had a difficult conversation” with the Taylor family. “I fully understand the suffering caused by Mrs. Taylor’s tragic loss. I understand as a prosecutor and as a black man.”

Cameron asked those who take to the streets to “remember that peaceful marches” are their “right as American citizens”, but that “violence and destruction” are not. “Seeking justice with violence does not yield justice, but revenge,” he declared.

Taylor’s case was especially remembered during the wave of protests against police violence and racism that rocked the United States after the death of George Floyd on May 25 – a black American who died of asphyxiation by a white policeman in Minneapolis.

Breonna Taylor, young man killed in US police action in March – Photo: Courtesy of Taylor Family attorney Sam Aguiar via AP, Archives

The Taylor family lawyer Ben Crup expressed his outrage over the accusations, noting that they are due to the fact that the bullets reached other apartments, but are not related to Taylor’s death. “This is scandalous and offensive!” He said on Twitter.

This decision is “a gross denial of justice,” commented the National Association for the Progress of People of Color (NAACP). The influential civil rights organization ACLU denounced, in turn, “security forces and criminal justice rotten inside.”

Last week, the victim’s family reached a civil settlement with the city of Louisville to receive $ 12 million in damages.


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