Thundered after triumph: – Damn you!


Lewis Hamilton’s quest for Michael Schumacher’s legendary Formula 1 victory record was temporarily put on hold after getting into trouble with the judges on Sunday.

Teammate Valtteri Bottas, who often ends up in the shadow of Hamilton and has been criticized for it, won the World Cup round.

Bottas shouted for joy after crossing the finish line first in the Russia Grand Prix on Sunday. The Mercedes driver also followed up with the following power salvo:

– I think this is a good time to thank my critics. To those concerned: “Damn you!”

It is the Finn’s ninth Grand Prix victory in his career, and his second this year.

– It was nice to get a victory again. It’s been a while. I have to keep the momentum going. I managed to take in some points on Lewis, so it’s about never giving up, Bottas says in an interview shown on V Sport.

With a similar car and equal conditions, however, Hamilton has been superior to the two this year. The Finn has 161 points in the world championship, Hamilton 205. There are seven rounds left of the season.

Time penalty for Hamilton

Bottas won ahead of Red Bulls Max Verstappen and teammate Lewis Hamilton. The latter received a time penalty of a total of ten seconds.

Hamilton has 90 Grand Prix victories and was the big favorite to win in Sochi as well after running into the best starting track. He also led the race clearly when he was punished.

He was punished for making two trial starts in the depot while the race was stopped. It resulted in two five seconds, which makes it difficult for him to win the World Cup race. At the same time, it can cause more dots on the racing driver card.

– Ridiculous

Hamilton already has eight points and therefore risks being denied start if he gets more.

– What happened? What happened? The startups in the depot, we got five seconds for each? Where does it say in the rule book? said a clearly upset Hamilton on the radio.

After a stop in the depot in round 17, Hamilton was thus down in eleventh place behind his old rival Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari.

– This is ridiculous, you could hear Hamilton say when he started the hunt for the ten who were in front of him.

After the finish, the Briton would not elaborate on what happened.

– It means nothing. It’s over now. I take the points I got, and congratulate Valtteri, he says.

(©NTB/TV 2)

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