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“What am I going to do? What is this story? Are you crazy?” He asks.

Mitsuko (Lina Agifu) takes her daughter’s passport and says that this is a decision she should have made before.

“I should have done that a long time ago. I always dreamed of seeing you studying medicine at a Japanese university. You have no choice, it’s already decided,” says the doctor, adamant.

Mitsuko (Lina Agifu) discusses with Tina (Ana Hikari) in ‘Malhação – Viva a Diferença’ – Photo: Globo

The girl despairs and says that her mother is doing this just to provoke her.

“This is a setup to separate me from Anderson.”

But Mitsuko is not interested in understanding her daughter at this point:

“I worry about your future. This courtship is not going to get you anywhere. I will not allow you to harm your life. I will take this passport to the dispatcher to arrange a visa as soon as possible.”

Will Tina really accept that plan?

Fio reappears and Ellen is outraged to hear what he went through: ‘We have to fight’

Ellen (Hislaine Vieira) is outraged to learn what happened to Fio (Lucas Penteado) – Photo: Globo

Fio (Lucas Penteado) scares his mother and friends when he disappears after Lica’s party (Manoela Aliperti). But thanks to Anderson’s help, he returns home safe and sound. The boy will say that he was a victim of racism and that security guards at the teenager’s building took him to another location. The events are narrated as Ellen (Heslaine Vieira) is increasingly scared.

“You only went through this because it is black,” she says.

“Yes, Ellen, but there is no way to change, ethnicity or skin color”, replies Fio.

The boy is saddened by the situation, but Ellen says they need to do more.

“You can fight to end this. I will find out who the racist security guards are.”

What will she do?

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Tina despairs at Mitsuko’s decision. Ellen, Anderson and Cristiane worry about the disappearance of Fio. Benê confesses to Juca that he doesn’t know if he liked his kiss. Telma tells Anderson that Tina will be sent to Japan, and Ellen advises her brother to fight for his girlfriend. Josefina comments to Doris about her ex-husband’s call. Keyla decides to take Tonico to the doctor. Anderson tries to talk to Noboru, but Mitsuko throws him out of the restaurant.

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Live the Difference is a season of Malhação written by High Hamburger with artistic direction from Paulo Silvestrini. Due to the stoppage of soap opera recordings at Estúdios Globo due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2017 booklet is back to the Fitness schedule, after the Worth seeing again.

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