Tottenham, Premier League | Had to replace the goals before Spurs’ EL qualification in Northern Macedonia


Hugo Lloris, Joe Hart and José Mourinho quickly noticed that things were not as they should be before the showdown against Shkendija.

Both the Spurs’ goalkeeper duo and the Portuguese manager found out that the goals in Northern Macedonia were not of the right dimensions.

According to the Daily Mail, Hart, Lloris and the rest of the Spurs goalkeeper team came out to warm up when they notified Mourinho, who quickly agreed that the goals were the smallest and lowest team.

– I am not a goalkeeper, but when I raise my arms I can tell the difference, Mourinho says.

He says the club had to contact a UEFA delegate before the start of the match, who stated that the goals were five centimeters too low.

– We demanded that the goals were replaced with some in the right dimensions.

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WON: After the goals in Skopje were replaced, the match between Tottenham and Shkëndija could start.
Photo: Ognen Teofilovski (Reuters)

– I thought I had grown

This meant that both poles and crossbars were replaced in the arena, just before the start of the match.

The match, which Spurs otherwise won 3-1, was played at Tose Proeski Arena, which is the national arena in Skopje.

Shkendija’s original home ground could not be used on Thursday as it does not meet UEFA’s requirements, but there were also problems at the national arena.

The Macedonian hosts insisted after the match that they were not aware that the goals were too low.

However, Mourinho took it all in good humor, and also posted a photo on Instagram after the incident.

– I thought I had grown when I found out that the measurements were five centimeters lower. Skhendija 1-3 Spurs, writes the Portuguese on the photo service.

Easy on

The Spurs team advanced relatively comfortably further in the Europa League qualifiers after goals from Erik Lamela, Heung-min Son and Harry Kane on Thursday.

Now a playoff awaits at home against Maccabi Haifa before the London club is guaranteed group games in Europe.

– We do not play brilliantly, but we did just enough. The players from the bench made the difference, and added a different intensity to us, Mourinho stated after Thursday’s 3-1 victory.


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