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TP-Link launched in Brazil the new router Archer C21. The model arrives as a cost-effective option, bringing four antennas and features such as parental controls, a visitor network, among others. The successor to the Archer C20 is dual-band and operates at 5 and 2.4 GHz frequencies, which tends to make the connection more stable. The device must compete with models from brands such as D-Link and Intelbras, which also have products in the same category.

According to the official description, the TP-Link device can also be used as a repeater or Access Point, which allows you to increase the range of Wi-Fi to have Internet throughout the house. Its suggested price is R $ 229.90, but it is already possible to find it in national retail at least R $ 205.90.

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Archer C21 has four antennas and parental control – Photo: Disclosure / TP-Link

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The product brings interesting features for home use, such as parental control, which allows you to choose which devices can be connected to the Internet and in which time range. In addition, Archer C21 has a tool to create a parallel network for visits, preserving the quality and safety of the main signal.

The device also works with the QoS protocol, responsible for automatically managing which device has priority when using the band. Thus, it tries to maintain the best possible quality for everyone who is connected.

Archer C21 has four LAN ports – Photo: Press Release / TP-Link

Like other models from the manufacturer, the Archer C21 can also be configured using the Tether application, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Those who do not have such a device close by can also adjust the functions of the device using a traditional web browser.

To complete, Archer 21 is compatible with iPv6, the latest internet protocol, in addition to promising features to enhance HD streaming. According to the official website, the accessory can still connect up to 16 devices at the same time for seven days without losing the Wi-Fi connection. In other words, the router should not be the most suitable for users who have many home devices connected.

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