Triple viral vaccine reduces symptoms of covid-19, study finds


The measles, rubella and mumps vaccine, known as triple viral, was able to reduce the effects of covid-19 in those who received it, according to the preliminary results of a study conducted in Santa Catarina.

In all, 400 health professionals from Greater Florianópolis participate in the study. Of the research volunteers, 83% of those vaccinated who became infected were symptom free. Among those who took placebo, a substance with no effect, the number of asymptomatic patients dropped to 50%.

“This gives us evidence, still far from definitive, that this vaccine can really protect against the evolution of the infection or even its prevention”, analyzes the project coordinator, the doctor Edison Fedrizzi.

Credit: Abab_575 / istock Triple viral reduces symptoms of covid-19 in study participants

The study is being carried out by researchers from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and the Professor Polydoro Ernani University Hospital in São Thiago, with support from the Santa Catarina Research and Innovation Support Foundation (Fapesc).

The study, which started 45 days ago, will have partial results released every month. The research is expected to be concluded by the end of December.

Articles published in the journals mBio and Science suggested that both the triple viral vaccine and the polio vaccine could have some protective effect against the new coronavirus.

According to the authors, because these vaccines are made from attenuated virus, they would be able to activate the innate immune system, causing non-specific defense cells to attack other pathogens.

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