TRT suspends Fla’s training and games for 15 days. Fine is R $ 10 million – 9/27/2020


A new preliminary injunction from the Regional Labor Court of Rio de Janeiro (TRT-RJ) today prohibited Flamengo from playing, training and traveling for 15 days, during which time players and employees of the club must comply with quarantine. The fine for noncompliance with the determination is R $ 10 million. This is another decision of the common Justice that prevents the realization of the game between Palmeiras and Fla, which was scheduled for today, at 16h, for the Brazilian Championship.

The injunction was granted by Judge Filipe Olmo, from the 8th court, at the request of Saferj (Union of Football Athletes of Rio de Janeiro). The suspension of Fla’s activities for 15 days was not in the plea of ​​the union, which just wanted to postpone today’s game, but the judge extended his understanding and enacted a major ban.

“On Friday, I had already talked to some players and they were waiting for the club to move, in the sense of having the game or not. On Saturday, they signaled a concern about playing because of the covid. I said, then, that the union was available, but that the athletes who would go to the game should send us, in writing, a request for us to act. And so it was done, it arrived for us in the afternoon of yesterday (26), and we released the legal for enter the injunction. It was appreciated and, even, the judge ended up extending the decision a little. He determines that, for 15 days, Flamengo will not be able to train. That was his decision, it was not part of the request. was focused on the game, but I think the judge, suddenly following a logical line of reasoning, extended the decision “, explained Alfredo Sampaio, president of Saferj.

Earlier, another TRT-RJ decision, signed by Judge Maria Helena Motta, had denied CBF’s appeal asking to reverse the first instance decision to postpone the match. The postponement came at the request of Sindeclubes, a Rio de Janeiro union that has a Flamengo official as its president. Rubro-Negro goes through an outbreak of coronavirus, with more than 40 infected, being 19 players, and does not want to play today.

Despite the defeats at TRT-RJ, CBF still tries to make the match happen today. The entity appealed to the Superior Labor Court (TST), in Brasília. The confederation also filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) to judge the competence of the common justice to decide on the case, but the request has already been denied.

For Flamengo, the postponement would be a matter of “public health”. Another point that had been highlighted by the club in Rio was that the professionals who support the squad were exposed to the virus, which prevented them from exercising their activities until the date of departure.

Palmeiras, on the other hand, was always against the change in the date of the confrontation, “buying the fight” for the maintenance of the original day and even having the participation of their players in the articulation behind the scenes. President alviverde Maurício Galiotte stated that if the protocol agreed by the clubs before the Brazilian is not fulfilled, the competition must be stopped.

Parallel to the legal battle, the Serie A clubs articulate retaliations against Flamengo, uncomfortable with what they consider to be a “superb” posture by Rubro-Negro. Besides the search for the postponement of the game against Palmeiras, it also caused irritation in the other teams the fact that Fla campaigned in isolation for the public’s early return to the stadiums, ignoring an informal agreement between the clubs to discuss the issue jointly only in November, in the second round of the Brasileirão.


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