‘True beauty comes from within’


Maiara, from the duo with Maraisa, appeared on video without makeup on social media. The singer said she feels good about her appearance and joked about not having performed a facial harmonization.

“Remove the fluff. Remove the eyebrow. Remove the locks to wash. Put a filter to hide the redness. And just for the record there is no harmonization, but if there was, it wouldn’t be a problem”, joked the singer in the publication.

“Each one does what they want in life, right ?! Happy with my 32 years old. True beauty comes from within”, completed the artist in the sequence. The image was praised by fans on Instagram.

“You are beautiful. I love you like that,” said one of the followers. “It could be without a filter that would also be perfect,” said another. “A true princess”, highlighted a third admirer.

This month, Maiara commented on how she usually deals with relationships. “I suffer. I have to live in mourning, I cry, I cry. Maraisa ends and the key turns fast. I have to suffer,” he said in an interview with ThaĆ­s Ferzosa on YouTube.


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