True pandemic has only just begun, defends German virologist


The truth pandemic it arrives now. Also here [na Alemanha]. At the most, we can talk about the lessons of the first wave in Europe “, in which the differences were huge, underlined Drosten in an interview for the World Health Summit (CMS), which will take place in Berlin from the 25th to the 27th of this month in a semi-face-to-face format covid-19.

The German expert recommended that, in view of the way in which the first wave was fought, the approach to fight against pandemic, so that the situation can be faced in the coming months.

“It is very important to inform the population well and widely”, he stressed Drosten, who warned of the dangers of politicians using the pandemic in your political messages.

“The costs can be serious if politicians use the pandemic in your political messages. This is very complicated and the virus immediately invoice. We can see what’s happening in the United States, “the country with the most cases of covid-19 (almost 6.9 million) and Deaths (200,818), noted.

In the coming months, he recommended, and in order to control the situation, it is necessary to “change things” and it is also important to make “pragmatic decisions”.

The German specialist put the speeches on the “success German “in combating pandemic, arguing that this is only due to the fact that Germany reacted four weeks earlier than other countries.

“We react exactly with the same means. There is nothing in particular that we have done well. Simply physemeit before. So we have had success“he said, denying that the German health authorities functioned better than the French or that German hospitalsnicos are better equipped than the Italians.

“If we apply this to what is coming in the autumn, then we will have to make it clear that we continue to do nothing better than the others “, he warned.

Drosten gave the example of Argentina, where the pandemic appeared in Winter and, for that reason, it is being “very difficult” to control the spread of covid-19 despite restrictive measures.

“In Germany, we should look much more differently and accurately at what is happening abroad. We have to stop discussing issues like football stadiums, something completely fallacious,” he said.

On the other hand, Drosten remembered that science enjoys currently “great credibility”, but warned that this could change “at any time”.

“Only in the end will it be known how science did it, because this pandemic, in the first place, it is not a scientific phenomenon, but a natural catastrophe “, he observed.

A pandemic of covid-19 has already caused at least 971,677 deaths and more than 31.6 million cases of infection around the world, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

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