Trump accused of using Facebook to demote 3.5 million African Americans from voting for Clinton


An investigation by Channel 4 reveals that Donald Trump’s campaign focused, during the 2016 presidential race, on trying to demobilize African-Americans who tend to vote.

The current US president is said to have proliferated negative ads against Hillary Clinton on Facebook among the undecided electorate of 16 states, all of which were later won by the Republican.

The Trump campaign will have compiled a database of 198 million Americans, with the support of the Cambridge Analytica consultant, containing social and economic information from voters, segmenting them into eight categories.

One of them, considered crucial and called a “deterrence” group, included voters, the vast majority African-Americans, who would probably vote for Clinton or would not vote at all.

Using the power of social media, the Trump campaign has focused on spreading negative propaganda against the Democratic candidate in the feed of all those who could potentially have the inclined vote for Hillary.

The ads claimed in some cases that the competitor in the White House race was not sympathetic to African Americans.

In Michigan, where Trump won with an advantage of 10,000 votes, 15% of voters were black, with those voters accounting for 33% of the deterrence group identified in that state.

It is estimated that in 2016, across the US, 2 million African-American voters who four years ago voted for Barack Obama ended up not expressing support on the ballot for Hillary Clinton.


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