Trump demands that Biden take drug tests before the debate


The demand for a drug test is Trump’s latest attempt to cast doubt on Biden’s mental capacity. He says that of course he will take such a test he too.

– Of course I want to take one too. His debates have been record-breaking, to say the least. Only drugs could be the cause of such a disagreement, Trump tweeted on Sunday.

Trump has repeatedly suggested in recent weeks that Sleepy Joe, as he calls him, use drugs to bolster his performance.

Biden has so far not responded to the accusations. He said on Sunday that he expects personal attacks and lies from the president during the debate.

– It will mostly be personal attacks. That’s all he can do, Biden said of Trump.

– He does not know how to debate the facts. He does not know much about foreign policy, he does not know much about domestic affairs, he does not know much about the details of the cases, he said.

The debate on Tuesday will be the first time the 77-year-old veteran meets the president face to face. Fox News’ respected reporter Chris Wallace is leading the debate.

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