Trump refused to condemn right-wing extremists: –


Tonight’s presidential debate has already been described as the worst of all time. During the debate, President Donald Trump was given a golden opportunity to condemn the growing right-wing extremist groups in the country.

This spring and summer, many of America’s cities have been plagued by riots and violence. Much of it has been about racism and much has been about dissatisfaction.

Armored: A participant in a Proud Boys meeting in Delta Park, Portland, Oregon poses for a picture with a rifle and the American flag. The meeting was held by the far-right group to show their support for President Donald Trump. Photo: AP / NTB.
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The president did not take this opportunity when moderator Chris Wallace asked him if he was willing to condemn “white power” and right-wing extremism.

– Yes, of course I can. But pretty much everything I see comes from the left, he replied before saying:

– «Proud boys? Stand back and stand by».

Something that can be translated with stay calm and be ready. It is still unclear what Trump meant by that message.

Clothing giant looks red

«Proud Boys» jubler

The organization “Proud Boys” is described as a neo-fascist and extremist hate group, safely located on the far right of the political landscape.

THE LOGO: The far-right organization Proud Boys shares logos with Trump’s statement. Photo: Screenshot / Telegram.
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They have recently received a lot of attention, among other things for using the clothing brand “Fred Perry”‘s gold wreath logo. This has led to the clothing brand stopping its sales in the United States.

The organization is rejoicing after yesterday’s statement from President Donald Trump. The organization has already started sharing new logos with their new slogan “Stand back and stand by”. In various chat groups, the group is supposed to say that they are now doing as the president wants and get ready.

– Trump more or less said that we should destroy them. This makes me so happy, says an alleged Proud Boys member.

– We are ready sir, writes another.

Shut up, man!

Shut up, man!

– See what they do!

The reactions have not been long in coming. Democrat and former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said this Twitter.

– Did the president really ask a far-right group to be ready?

FLAU: Former TV producer and freshman Rick Kirkham is embarrassed about the country he comes from.
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CNN’s high-profile journalist Van Jones said there were three things he got out of this debate.

– Donald Trump refuses to condemn white power. The president of the United States refuses to condemn white power. Commander-in-Chief refuses to condemn white power. He blinked and nodded to a fascist organization. See what they are doing now because of the president’s statement !, said an upset Van Jones on CNN last night.

Mud bath in the trench

Mud bath in the trench

Forge while the iron is hot

Democrat candidate Joe Biden was also not on the side of laziness during last night’s debate. He called President Trump, among other things, a clown, a racist and asked him to shut up.

SHUT UP: Biden’s campaign team has made a new t-shirt after tonight’s debate. Photo: Screenshot Joe Biden’s website.
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Not many minutes later, Biden’s campaign had designed a T-shirt with a picture of the text “Can you shut up, man”.

According to The Hill, the Biden camp put the T-shirt up for sale while the 90-minute debate was still going on.


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