Trump threatens to cut support for New York and other “anarchist cities.” All cities have one thing in common.


The number of homicides has risen sharply in the United States. Trump blames Democrats, but the increase is just as great in Republican-led cities.

A protester gets pepper spray in the face before he is arrested during a demonstration in Portland in July. Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP / NTB

“It is important that the government investigates the use of state money to legalize anarchy, violence and the destruction of American cities,” President Donald Trump said in a note in early September.

The statement came in light of the demonstrations against racism that have characterized several of the country’s major cities in recent months. In the report, the president called for a survey of state aid where the riots take place. At the same time, he asked the government’s budget officials to advise on how the flow of money from the White House to the cities can be blocked.

Now the result is clear: New York, Portland and Seattle make up the list of US “anarchist cities”, writes the Ministry of Justice.

Cuts budget

Several thousand residents have taken to the streets every week since the death of African-American George Floyd in May. A clear majority of the protests are peaceful, according to a report from ACLED.

But shootings, looting and tear gas have topped the news in some places.

Tear gas fills the air during a demonstration in Portland on September 18. Paula Bronstei, AP / NTB

A Portland man is being treated for injuries after being shot during a demonstration on August 29. Paula Bronstein, AP/NTB

Common to the cities that are threatened with economic cuts is that they are led by Democrats. According to Trump, they have “allowed violence and destruction of property and refused to impose reasonable measures to combat criminal activity.”

It provokes strong reactions in the cities. In a joint statement, the mayors of Portland, Seattle and New York accuse the president of “playing cheap political games.”

“Trump is not above the law,” New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo told a news conference Monday.

– It is unconstitutional and an insult to the people of New York.

New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo is reacting strongly to threats of economic cuts. Jacquelyn Martin, AP/NTB

Cuomo warns of lawsuits if financial cuts are implemented.

“The president is trying to distract the American people from his own mistakes as a leader and is using his last months of the presidency to spread more hatred, chaos and fear,” New York City Attorney Letita James wrote in a statement.

She says Trump must be prepared to appear in court if the order is adopted. Men pr. now it is uncertain whether there will be any of the budget cuts.

Sam Berger, a former adviser to the US Treasury Department, thinks it is unlikely:

“Actual restrictions will be immediately sued and almost guaranteed to be cracked down on,” he told The Washington Post earlier this month.

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Several incidents of violence

At the same time, the violence statistics in the country have attracted attention after the summer. General crime in all cities has decreased by 5.3 percent in 25 cities compared to the same time last year, writes The New York Times.

At the same time, homicide statistics have increased in several cities.

New York has long topped the list of US cities with the most crime. There, the number of weekly homicides and shootings has increased compared to the same time last year, according to statistics from New York police.

At the same time, the number of rapes and robberies has decreased.

Whatever the reason for the increase, it creates steep fronts between Republicans and Democrats. Trump is pointing the finger at the demonstrations.

President Donald Trump threatens to cut state aid to more cities ruled by Democrats. Chris Carlson, AP/NTB

Others believe the corona pandemic is the scapegoat. Courtrooms have closed their doors during the pandemic, and several criminals have previously been released to prevent infection. How many are in question is unclear, but according to Fox News, the number is over 16,000.

This has led to a feeling among criminals that they can commit crimes with impunity, reported a report in June from the Police Executive Research Forum.

Steile fronts

Rhetoric about violence and crime plays a major role before the upcoming presidential election.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden supports the peaceful protests, but he condemns the use of violence in riots. He argues that Trump is to blame for the violent escalation. The presidential candidate believes Trump is responsible for “irresponsible incitement to violence.”

Trump, for his part, blames the Democratic-ruled states. He believes that the Democrats have done too little to intervene in the protests, and that they are thus allowing the violence to escalate.

At the same time, Trump has not mentioned the statistics in cities led by Republicans. The murder statistics have also increased there.

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