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The American major newspaper The New York Times yesterday presented information from President Donald Trump’s tax returns for the last two decades. The most striking thing is that he has paid so little – or no tax at all for many years.

But now his political opponents are raising the question of whether the president’s large debt could also pose a national security risk.

NOK 4 billion in debt

“It seems that the president has more than 400 million dollars in debt,” said the leading Democrat in the Democratic Party yesterday.

Nancy Pelosi is the leader of one of the chambers of the National Assembly, the House of Representatives.

The debt in question amounts to 421 million dollars, which is almost 4 billion Norwegian kroner. Much of this debt must be repaid in a fairly short time – probably within the four years that constitute a presidential term.

Donald Trump wants to say very little about his tax returns, and calls the case in The New York Times “fake news”.


– To whom does he owe the money? Different countries?

Pelosi believes this debt is a national security problem:

To whom does he owe this money? Different countries? What kind of roof do they have on him? she said in an interview with the television channel NBC.

– The president is the country’s commander – in – chief. He is exposed with many hundreds of millions in debt, to whom? The public has the right to know this, Pelosi continued.

No problems on the golf course

Today, an article from 2017 in the political online newspaper The Hill has reappeared in the media’s attention.

Here is a radio interview with a journalist in a golf magazine about conversations he had with Donald Trump and his son Eric in 2014.

Golf journalist James Dodson was invited to play on Trump’s golf course in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. He asked how Trump managed to get funding for his golf courses.

Trump replied that there was no problem, he had access to 100 million dollars.

– We get all the money we need from Russia

Later in the day, Dodson is said to have spoken in more detail with Donald Trump’s son Eric.

He wondered which banks were willing to invest in golf courses at a time when money was still scarce after the financial crisis.

Then Eric Trump should have replied: “Well, we are not dependent on American banks. We get all the money we need from Russia. “

Today, Eric Trump denies having said this. But he has not denied the statements from the article in The Hill in the period from it was written in 2017 until today.

Foreign Policy magazine has quoted Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., when he spoke at a real estate conference in New York in 2008 about investments from Russia. Here he is said to have said that «Russians have a disproportionately large share of our assets. We see large sums of money flowing in from Russia. “

Authoritarian friends

Trump and his company have had business relations with Russia, Turkey and the Philippines. All countries with authoritarian leaders. Trump’s political opponents are now speculating whether any of his loans may come from lenders in these countries.

Trump’s former architect Alan Lapidus is also quoted by Foreign Policy. To the magazine, Lapidus says that “no one in the United States would lend Trump money. It all came from Russia. “

Loans from foreign sources can often appear as if they come from US banks or financial institutions. But these can often only be an intermediary, if foreign business interests or banks provide guarantees for the US banks’ lending.


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